Our vision is to contribute to the delivery of a viable, sustainable, successful Greenock Morton Football Club into the long term future, both on and off the park, for and with the Morton community. 

Pledge Information

Click below to securely set up your monthly contributions and immediately become a full member of MCT (Member T&Cs can be found below). Contributions will be ongoing on monthy basis indefinitely unless stopped by you:

Morton Club Together Ltd (MCT) T&Cs

1.What is Morton Club Together ?

a) Morton Club Together is a Company Limited by Guarantee including an Asset Lock ensuring all funding and assets stay within the company structure and cannot be used for any purposes other than those stated in the Memorandum and Articles of Association of MCT, registered and lodged at Companies House. No individual Director, Officer, Member or volunteer of MCT can ever benefit financially from the business of MCT. MCT is legally set up as a non-profit organisation. The Company Registration Number is SC635320.

b) The initial Directors of Morton Club Together will be Graham McLennan and Gordon Ritchie. They are registered as Directors of MCT at Companies House and are legally responsible for delivering MCT. Directors of MCT are non-remunerated volunteers. It is expected that the Board of MCT will be grown as required. Directors of MCT work with the MCT Leadership Team of volunteers, from which Directors are selected.

c) The Board of MCT and the MCT Leadership Team of volunteers share the fundamental objective of protecting and promoting the best interests of MCT Members. The Leadership Team will continue to support the Board in an executive and advisory role. Anyone who wishes to volunteer to help the Leadership Team is encouraged to do so.

d) MCT has the primary purpose of serving its Members and delivering the benefits and outcomes set out in these Terms and Conditions and facilitating financial contributions into Greenock Morton Football Club, to be used to meet part of the costs of the Morton First Team.

2.Payment Specific Terms

a) It is hoped that Members will support the spirit of MCT by committing to continue with their payments. However, Members are able to reduce or stop their payments at any time. If Members stop or reduce payments to the point where their total contribution will be less than £240, they will remain MCT Members, however all Full Membership benefits as set out in these Terms and Conditions will be paused for those individuals, including voting rights.

b) Members are also able to increase their financial contributions if they wish.

c) Any Member who wishes to change their financial contributions should notify MCT in writing, 28 days in advance of any change taking effect.

d) The Principal Benefits (see section 4 below) that MCT Members will facilitate (debt write off, representative seat on the Board of Morton and shareholding of Greenock Morton FC Limited) are dependent on MCT being able to make payments to Morton FC throughout the 24 month period August 2019 to July 2021. The ceiling of such payments is £400,000.

4.Principal Benefits of MCT (to Greenock Morton Football Club and the Community) created by MCT Members (secured through a legal agreement signed by Golden Casket Limited, Greenock Morton Football Club Limited and MCT)

a) Golden Casket Ltd will transfer 15 percent of the total shareholding of Greenock Morton Football Club to MCT. This shareholding will be transferred from Golden Casket to MCT as soon as the first monthly contribution from MCT is paid to GMFC. The shares will then be held as part of the Asset Lock within MCT (see Clause 1a). This will ensure that the total combined shareholding of GMFC held by the MCT Membership will always be used for the benefit of MCT Members as a whole, and to deliver the objectives of MCT to benefit Greenock Morton Football Club and the wider community.

b) On receipt of the first monthly MCT payment into GMFC, Golden Casket will immediately formally write off £500,000 from the outstanding debt of £2,500,000 owed to it by Greenock Morton Football Club. This debt will be further formally reduced by £500,000 for each £100,000 received from MCT. If MCT reaches the target of £400,000 paid over the 24 month period to July 2021, the entire outstanding debt will be eradicated completely. A debt free Morton, made possible by MCT Members, means a healthier, more financially viable Morton, which can move forward with confidence and renewed opportunities, not possible with high levels of debt.

c) An appointee of MCT will serve on the Greenock Morton Football Club Board as soon as the first MCT monthly payment to Greenock Morton Football Club is made. The initial appointee will be selected by the Board and Leadership Team of MCT for a period of 24 months after which time a new appointee will be elected. The MCT appointee is on the Morton Board to represent the Board of MCT and, in turn, to represent the cumulative democratic wishes of the Membership of MCT. (See Clause 5c).

d) The appointee of MCT on the Morton Football Club Board must be a Full Member of MCT and is subject to the rules and regulations of the Greenock Morton Football Club Board which is entirely independent of Morton Club Together.

5.Full Member Specific Benefits

a) All Members can vote on key Board decisions at Morton Club Together Board and Greenock Morton Football Club Board levels. These votes will be organised by the MCT team to encourage all Members to take part. Similarly, all Members have the facility and are encouraged to raise suggestions and ideas and to provide feedback with a view to improving MCT and Greenock Morton Football Club and the outcomes that these organisations deliver.

b) All Members will be an integral part of MCT, and will be encouraged and supported to help shape and develop MCT which is the vehicle through which larger scale and potentially complete community ownership of Greenock Morton Football Club could be delivered.

b) Having an appointee on the Board of Greenock Morton provides Members a route to having a unique understanding of the operation of Greenock Morton Football Club, and the opportunity together to contribute directly to its success by harnessing the capabilities and energy of all Members.    

c) All Members have the opportunity to volunteer to support the work of MCT. This could be to serve on the MCT Leadership Team or simply to help out as they so wish.

d)  MCT will regularly organise Member only (free of charge) meet and greet sessions with Greenock Morton Football Club representatives and invited guests, including Q and A sessions, with live online streaming.

e) MCT will regularly organise Member only (free of charge) social events for Members and their families.

f) MCT will regularly organise Member only information meetings to update Members on the progress of MCT and the MCT contribution to Greenock Morton Football Club and the wider community. These sessions will also be streamed live online. Members will also receive regular written updates.

6.Special Condition

a) No Members of MCT should act in such a way as to bring MCT into disrepute. Membership may be revoked by the Board of MCT.

b) As MCT grows and develops, these Terms and Conditions could be changed if the Board of MCT believes that this is required or advisable to enhance the outcomes and Member benefits that MCT can deliver. This process of improvement will include taking account of the ideas and suggestions of MCT Members. As appropriate, the implementation, or not, of any improvements could be subject to a vote of MCT Members. It is crucial that MCT Members feel that the benefits they enjoy meet their reasonable expectations and that they are equitable and sustainable.

c) A special Membership category of Volunteer Member is available for anyone aged over 16 years  who wishes to volunteer to help MCT and who cannot meet the minimum payment threshold (£240) to become a Full Member. Volunteer Members will receive a personalised MCT Volunteer Membership Certificate.

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